Here are some of the favorite things our customers have said:

“I’m really excited to do something creative, coloring your stenciled panels is not as scary as a blank sheet of paper or canvas. It’s a great way to de–stress.”

“It’s nice to concentrate on something lighthearted, fun and simple, which I don’t often get to do. Impartoo’s coloring panels are the best!”

“I’ve always wanted to try painting, but as someone with limited artistic ability I was intimidated. Impartoo’s stenciled coloring panels are just what I was looking for. Not only did I have fun, my masterpiece now proudly hangs on my wall.”

“Once you start coloring, all you have to worry about is which color to use and staying in the lines. It’s an amazing escape.”

“It’s super relaxing, fun and nostalgic.”

“Each coloring panel transports me back to a gentler time of life.”

“I can’t get enough, my kids can’t get enough, they’ve put down the video games and ask if they can “impartoo”.